Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

One of the «problems» that digital marketing consultants have, is, sometimes, that we work where other people play. I was talking about this matter with some students in the Faculty of Economics in León, where I teach Marketing.

They had to present a work about community managers, and I really liked it.

Neuroscience and e-books in León were other interesting studies, but community managers were a bit special, because online marketing consultants work together with them.


Community managers: Who are they?

There is no a very clear definition of this job. Some people think they are copy-paste persons for social media, other people think they can manage different channels, and finally (they) think they have to create and consolidate relationships between the brand and the clients or customers.

At the end, a community manager is a person that works where his boss wants, doing what his boss wants.

Why? He pays, he chooses.


Digital Marketing and Community managers

When a digital marketing consultant specialized in social media designs a social media plan, he is building a structure where not just the channels, but functions are on the horizon.

At this point, there are some tasks for developing, like the ones we described before.

The great question is: Who is going to develop these functions? More or less SEO, PPC, web design and other digital marketing areas are covered by professionals but, what about his one?

And here is where consultants, again, have the opportunity to make a proposal and community managers appear as a solution.



Why we should (or not) contract (suggest to contract) a community manager

It’s a time/money question. There are companies with employees that have some waste time and can perfectly develop these functions. In this case, it’s quite interesting to complete the labour day with these tasks (obviously after a training course).

Sometimes it’s interesting to contract a half-time community manager, shared with other companies or freelancer. It can cost you something around 400$/ € a month.

And yes, it’s not well paid nor your dream job.

Another option is to contract a professional digital marketing director and he will select the persons for doing the job. Then, we are again at the point 1, but with a director developing the digital marketing plan.


You turn about community managers

What do you think about community managers? Do you do this work for yourself?

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