What do you know about Social Branding Today?

Social Media Branding (reputación en redes sociales in Spanish) is now one the «must» for a digital marketing consultant.

If you are not in the right social media, you don’t exist. You know Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, but there are more places where you can develop your own activity in the net.

This necessary not just for finding a good gob (it is), but also for expanding your network and finding new niches into the market.


Social Media Branding, an Infography

Here I introduce you to a very good inforgraphy from Hyred my way. It’s really nice, it’s really good and it’s very simple for understanding. It covers the main social media (also the ones I do).

Do you know how to do retargeting and remarketing. That can be a good idea for yor interests.

Are you building your reputation?

Sometimes people believe that being in Social Media is just talking about their likes or dislikes. In social media it’s quite interesting to talk about your brand, about your business, to talk about what you specialized yourself.

Klout is a very good tool for knowing it, LinkedIn forfinding people who share your interests, and facebook and Twitter for sharing everything about it.


More social media?

For starting, it’s nice with the ones we have been talking about. If you are not satisfied and want more, Google+ (especially in America) can be a good option, and about.me, a help if you don’t have your own website. Mine is abelpardo.net ;)


What about you?

Are you an active user of social media and built your brand or are you a simple user? Feel free to share your comments and spread the love in the net with these buttons!