Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

We celebrate our #100 article about Digital Marketing from Aigen Digital Marketing. SEO, PPC en Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and general items have been analysed these months thinking about just one thing: to offer you quality content.

We’d like to thank all our visitors and collaborators for their support. All the comments, +1, tweets or shares contributed to our success, so a big thank you.


Adsense, at least!!!

Like a birthday present, and after months of hard work, Google Adsense «blessed» us with their ads (you can see them in the right part of the website).

We wanted to add an adds system for all around the world and based in two points: your interests and Digital Marketing content. Finally, it’s here :) but Google, again, removed it without any advise.

More objectives: SEO by results

We have been working about new features from WSI Aigen Digital Marketing, and present you here our new rets.

First, we worked hardly in SEO with great success and now will offer you a great deal: We trust so much in our work that you just pay for for Search Engine Optimization when we get success with your results.

Here is our new webpage in Spanish, dedicated to SEO contact and our more than competitive prices: Agencia de SEO.



English website

We are working hard for offering you our website absolutely in English. Even we added a translator (at the top in the right, we will offer special promotions for our visitors from the United States also in English language. By the way, if you contact through our contact page: https://aigendigitalmarketing.net/contacto/

and add in the message «language 10%», you will get a 10% discount in whatever product or service you will contract with us.


A big thank you

We would like to thank you for reading us, sharing us or comment here. We really appreciate it because you make possible this blog, this website.

Thanks also to Fabrizio Bortoloni because of his incredible articles, thanks to Tribber (Dino and Dan) and the members of Digital Marketing Lions and the ones I belong to because they share, read and comment the articles and especially to Igi Fischer our best «sharer» almost from the beginning and Iván Gómez and Joomcastle team.

Thanks to all the people that share the articles in the social networks, the +1, and of course, thanks to all of you that are our customers, clients, and Digital Marketing family.

Also you can visit abelpardo.com for reading more digital marketing articles in Spanish.

YOU are great!!!