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Senegal is located on the westernmost end of Africa. The south of the country called Cassamance spanning the entire Senegalese territory. It is a geographical and cultural area different from the rest of the country.

From the geographical standpoint the Cassamance is divided into 3 distinct areas: Low Cassamance, Middle Cassamance and High Cassamance. In Oussouye economic conditions are very precarious.

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Digital Marketing for helping Africa


One project for self-sufficiency

Yakaar Africa, a nonprofit organisation, developed a project of change of rural products Bafican. They started working with a cooperative production of jams in the nearby town of Oussuye.The logical complement of the project was therefore the beginning of a business activity suited to the precise characteristics of the area by acting coaching. It would serve not only as the beginning of a new activity but somehow acting as a lever for commissioning up of new possibilities opening up.

The target was to conduct training workshops for ladies in technical processing of rural products in the area on a tiny scale like jam making mango, papaya etc.

This will have to hire different trainers and supply the basic tools to perform the systems and the sale of agricultural products may be a true development for the local economy and an important improvement for the inhabitants of the territory and supply adequate revenue for self -sufficiency of the project.


A collaborative project for development


The activity was developed with the collusion and collusion of the various representative groups of people: women, village chiefs and youth. The goal was that after a preliminary phase to be supplied enough resources for the production of jams, the project will become self-sufficient.

This may work on one piece of the sale so you can secure the purchase of the required elements for the continuation of the project.


Aigen Digital Marketing: partners of the project


Although this project is new, Yakaar Africa has experienced in the town of Bafican, having in 2010 backed the completing of a classroom that was new and having contributed to the operation of the high school kids.

Aigen Digital Marketing is the Web partner of the project. We made a web design, developed a website and made all the work around digital marketing. This have helped to became known the project and bring it more volunteers and funds.

Jam is just now being produced, showing an entire success. Aigen Digital Marketing is proud of being one of the supporters of this action for helping Senegal.