Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

When someone approach digital marketing, there are a couple of concepts for using daily. What’s marketing? Is there any difference between an Online Marketing Consultant and a Digital Marketing Consultant? Is the Marketing Mix a combi of tools for doing marketing that none should modify?

Here we’ll start a series for knowing them and using these words properly.


Marketing Concepts



Marketing is a science with one objective: to detect and satisfy the requirements of the clients. marketing doesn’t provoke buying, but identifies what people need and offer the right product for this need.

Marketing helps people to find what they are looking for and never should recommend to buy anything undesirable by the customer or client. Marketing is based in long term relationships and confidence between client and seller.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Web marketing and Internet Marketing are usually used as synonyms. Really, Digital marketing implies all digital devices, not just Internet or web based ones.

In this sense, Online Marketing, Web Marketing and Digital Marketing are true synonyms, talking about marketing developed through the web. Digital marketing is the marketing developed with digital devices,; also networks, but by example, mobiles too.



Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing consultant is, or at least should be, a certified professional for developing marketing activities in the digital world.

Digital Marketers should have a solid marketing basis and deep knowledge of Internet and Digital devices for planning and develop marketing strategies.

It’s not needed to know a lot of informatics, but a bit for resolving minor troubles by himself.


Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix are the four elements that belong to the marketing: Product, Price, Promotion and Placement, also known as «The Four Ps».

These elements can be modified by the Marketing Consultant and, so on, by the Digital Marketing Consultant.


Your turn about Marketing concepts

Do you like Marketing activities? What do you like more, Marketing or Digital marketing? What do you think about 4Ps?

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