Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

Colors: How to ruin a Website


Internet Marketing must consider brand identity

In Internet Marketing, the importance of selecting the right background and text colours are one of the basis of a good Digital Marketing  and Internet Plan.


Website development, the future of a company

To build an internet site is one of the most important things that a company has to develop in its online marketing plan. Their public image the door to the world is opening to visitors customers thru the Internet.

Hence when developing an internet site and a SEO strategy the owner of the company the marketing director or the responsible of communication has to have some clear ideas about what is what they are trying to find.


Digital Marketing: Brand strategy

It’s important to know that selling director of the company should suspect that a website is one of the primary inversions that a company has to do. A Digital Marketing Plan is a must in a company strategy, and everything must be accurate and altered if needed to satisfy brand company standards.

A horrid designed website can destroy the brand image a not just online, and this will be a significant problem. Remember that it’s required that brand colors, typography and all other elements around our company should make a response to a unified policy.


Tips for successing in Internet

It is not a good idea to develop a different color system offline and online, because that sort of actions will disturb and confuse the visitor, so be careful.

It would be strange to find a flag of United Kingdom green, pink and yellow or the one of León in blue. That’s the same for our company, so, don’t betray yourself!