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Digital Marketing for learning

In the last days I have being developing a Web technique for a Spanish business about formación subvencionada, a form of training for employees paid by the goverment in Europe.

The obligation they present in their web strategy is how to promote in the net the activities they are developing and how to promote services in the training niche.


Primary step for a Digital Marketing presence is to grasp the methodology. Methodology primarily based on active learning techniques in which the focus is on scholars and promotes the full involvement of each valuing and validating their experiences. That must be specified in our Digital Online or Internet Marketing Plan.

In this manner participants and feedback help to buttress the process of self-training activity. They have courses in-house training home-based learning multimedia courses e-learning and training through our virtual school room that may be nearly promoted. Engaging thing: A virtual Campus.

Virtual Campus for Online Training

The Virtual Campus is the space of e-learning platform. Here can meet students teachers tutors coordinators and other personnel involved in training. They can share info resources and develop express activities of the course. Our virtual campus is sponsored by this resource from EATEL Business.

In addition to the suggested training materials for each course, users canmustshould find in a virtual campus method for Internet.

  • Personal instructions
  • Chats and Forums
  • Chats room and internal messaging
  •  Extra Material
  • Assessment Test
  • Satisfaction survey and analysis of quality

This training model is based on a mix of action and self-learning tutorial thru the employment of multi-media and interactive learning resources prepared in the virtual classroom.

Advantages of Online training

  • Flexitime and permanent access to the completing of the course 24 hours7 days.
  • Access the course from any location.
  • Pace of learning adapted to each student.
  • Straightforward to operate and use.
  • Reduction in training costs.
  • Constant assessment and customized teaching.
  • Updated materials.
  • Giant volume of info.
  • Consistent updating of the information and content.

With these tools the Digital Marketing Plan for a business for digital promotion must involve employees with our online strategy. How can we do this? Just offering top quality and give the right answers to theirr wishes.