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One of the most important decisions for a company is how to deal its internationalization, and because of that, search engine optimisation is a key point.

One country and one language signifies one domain, but two countries or two language have another meaning. Do we need to have two domains, to add a subdomain or maybe should we choose folders like our best solution?

There are different options with pros and cons. Let’s analyze them!


Domains in SEO

When we have a domain like aigendigitalmarketing.co.au, aigendigitalmarketing.co.uk or aigendigitalmarketing.fr, it implies that we have a geotargeted market: Australia, United Kingdom or France respectively. By this reason, a geofocused domain has an important weight for Google in that country, because there is not one simple google (google.com) by different ones for different countries (google.co.au, google.co.uk, google.fr)

In this sense, there is another interesting advantage when we select multiple domains option: like they are different domains we can built different websites with different structures, with different content, with different templates.

The main problem we could face is that domain strength will we divided between single domains, and there will be not a «shared one» but individual ones without strength-domain-links between them.


Why to choose a subdomain

When we have a subdomain like it.aigendigitalmarketing.com, es.aigendigitalmarketing.com or de.aigendigitalmarketing.com we’ll have all the pros that we saw when we chase a domain (in this case for Italy, Spain and Germany).

When we look at Google SERPs in different countries, we can have more than one result easily than if we try to do it with a single domain, depending on Google algorithm and its changes through the time.

This is the main reason because of https://aigendigitalmarketing.net can be focused on Spanish market and a subdomain like https://it.aigendigitalmarketing.com is focused right now in Italy with a different concept, different texts with different Translating text files, different template and different objectives.

We can see now https://aigendigitalmarketing.net main domain for Aigen Digital Marketing:

And here we have Aigen Digital Marketing’s subdomain for Italy https://it.aigendigitalmarketing.com

This is the right way for gaining domain juice, even if not as much as is we select folders like we did with https://aigendigitalmarketing.net/en (our services in English), but subdomains can be focused on selected countries and folders can’t.

Also, we can use subdomains for a specific site, in this case about SEO at quality car wash: https://istobal.com/usa/

When we talk about English resources, there is an  Aigen Digital Marketing English group of pages. For gathering them, a folder was chosen, https://aigendigitalmarketing.net/en whom all the domain strength was given. By the way, no geotarget or different template was applied.

To select domains, subdomains or folders will depend on three basis:

– Domain strength

– Need of different templates

– One reference point or several

And, like always, we need to select all because or the needs we have and the possibilities the market will show.


Abel Pardo Fernández  (Llión, Leonese Country, Europe) is Certified WSI Digital Marketing Consultant specialised in SEO, Digital Marketing Consulting and Socialnetworks.

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