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Plugins in WordPress: Friends in Digital Marketing

Do you need plugins? The answer is quite simple: Yes you do. Employing plugins in a Website is one of the primary tools that an internet site developer has in Digital Marketing.

WordPress is one of the finest platforms for having a web, so everything is playing in the same field.


Benefits in Marketing and SEO

These tools let you improve the standard of the site, but also give the visitor more possibilities for getting what they are looking for in your web, and ultimately, getting the key objective that’s to convert them into clients.

That is one of the most important reasons because enhancements are critical in a Digital Marketing Plan: They help us, they help our visitor.


Five essential plugins for WordPress

When I choose a plugin I have in mind two things:

  • I want to improve something in the web for making it more successfully for visitors
  • I need to do something internal for making it going better.

Here I show you some of the finest plugins I’m using now in my own website.

1.- All in One SEO Pack:


A web without a SEO architecture is a treasure in an island without a map. This plugin lets you do all of the basic internal SEO not offered by WordPress but required for you.

2.- DB-Optimize:


WordPress should have some extensions for bettering the speed of your web, for occupying less space in your host and others. DB Optimize helps you with the data base.

3.- Force Gzip:


With this plugin you can improve your GZIP compression, what is going to give you more speed up load times as it will help you to make smaller things like your multimedia files.

4.- WP Importer:


This is the plugin that would let you import posts, custom fields, categories, tags and other handy things from a WordPress export file. I do not understand why this plugin isn’t incoporated still as one of the basic features in WordPress.

5.- WP Smush.it


Yes I Know, this is not a widely known plugin, but it helps me a lot. With Sumush.it you can reduce your images and increase your website speed. Like they say Reduce image file sizes and improve performance using the ASmush.it API within WordPress.


What about now?

Now it’s your turn. Test them, compare and comment. Do you like this plugins? Do you use other similar that you think can help? Time for testing and writing and share it if you like it ;)!