Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

WSI Digital Marketing Convention

WSI is developing its E&I Global Convention in Paris, being one of the two annual meetings when Digital Marketing Consultants can meet. Abel Pardo, Aigen Digital Marketing’s CEO was one of the invited.

In this edition, one of the best opportunities for learning good tips in Digital Marketing was the conference pronounced by Adinash Kaushik, one of the best gurus in Analytics and very well known by showing the full capabilities this tool offers.


Analytics Matters

One of the best things we can use in Digital Marketing is Analytics. Why? Because marketers like to measure everything, to control everything and to test everything.

In this sense, Google Analytics offers us an opportunity for doing a control of our websites. Do you like Google? Don’t you? It doesn’t matter. Reality is that Google is 94% of the Market in Spain, and 70% in USA so, if you don’t work in China, your SEO must be done for Google.

Key Points in Analytics strategies

Acquisition, Behavior, and Outcomes. This is the base where Avinash supported its conference. It was really nice to see how to show the impact of doing or not to do is an important tool for marketers, and Analytics can help a lot in this way.

With rates of 1-2% of conversion, we need to know where our customers are, what they are doing, and when they are goin to our pages.

If we test behavior, we can see bounces, pages viewed and average on page, so we can act are modified if necessary our sites. It’s not just  to know cold data, entrances or unique visitors, but its behavior and of course, the goals, our goals.


Improving skills

Like Digital Marketing Consultants, we need to know that we have to make recommendations. Analytics is the main tool for controlling if our politics must change or not, but they are numbers. Interpretation of the numbers is a skill, but can be learnt.

Are we ready for translating analytics into proposals? This is the keypoint, this is the way for success.