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Do you need Google Analytics but you don’t know how to set your account up?

Analytics is one of the main parts in a Digital Marketing Plan or Digital Marketing strategy.

Don’t you have Analytics in your website? Don’t worry; we’ll show you this process from Aigen Digital Marketing in three simple steps, and so you’ll have tons of data about your website. Why is this important? Because if you don’t track, you don’t where and how to improve.



Just three requirements and we’ll do this process in three simple steps, and you can count of with tons of data about your website.

1.- Gmail account.
2.- A WordPress website
3.- Less than 10 minutes of your time


First Step: Set Up Google Analytics

You have to set up your Google Analytics account here, https://www.google.com/analytics/, using your gmail account user and password.

That’s quite simple and easy to develop.


Second Step: Create the account

Now, we have to click in the white wheel that we can see at the top in the right.

Here we are in «Account Administration».



Next: click on «+ New account» and your new account is going to start defined.



Here we have to add an account name, our website URL and the time zone we prefer.

Under this boxes, we can select if we want or not to share our data, with other Google products or «anonymously» with Google. That’s your choice.

Just a few steps; select your territory and agree to the terms and conditions and click on «Create Account».


Third Step: Tracking!

We have just our account created with a Tracking ID like:


Save it, select the number of domains you’re going to track (a single domain), copy the code they give you in the box below and click on «Save».


Four Step: Was everything OK?

Didn’t you say there were just three steps? Yes, by the way, if you arrived here, I’m sure you did it. But marketers are like we are, and always want to test it all.

You can test it simply. At the top in the left you have to see the name you choose in Step #2 with an orange background. Click on it.

Is there again your account name and ID? Then you got it!


What about now?

Now, just paste your code or ID into your website. Don’t you know how to do it? We can show you that in another post ;)

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