One of the sentences we have continuously listened is “Content is the king”. Well, that’s right, even when when Digital Marketing Consultants talk about SEO we always think on links and content. You know the “love” I have to Panda, so this info really liked to me.

In this sense, I’ve found a very interesting Infography by Brafton that would like to share with you talking about some very interesting concepts for SEOs.


Content for SEO


SEO must and must not

Even if that’s a big temptation, SEOs should avoid paid links. A lot have been said about this fact, but reality is that if some compnies, high level companies, can’t explain their number of links without making a paid links campaign, the companies we work with are not those ones.

In the other hand we have Social Media links building, and this is a great way. Sharing content, good content, getting +1, Likes and tweets, we are growing, we are sreading love, and we are gaining visitors, customers, clients and ranking in Google.


How can you learn more about SEO

Here I let you some books, like always at a very good price, where you can read more about SEO techniques, and remember, I’d be very pleased to help you in your SEO efforts just clicking here.


Your turn about SEO

Do you like SEO (Posicionamiento web en buscadores, in Spanish), or prefer other techniques like PPC? What do you think that is the most important fact in SEO?

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