I’ve noticed that articles and webinars about Social media Analytics have had a good success between Internet Marketing Consultants, especially those that work with Social Media like twitter, facebook, Linkedin or FourSquare.

In this sense, I’ll start a weekly analysis about how influence are WSI Digital Marketing Consultants. Last webinar I made a proposal between Hispanic Digital Marketing Consultants, I reoffered that in the WSI Regional Training in Digital Marketing for Spain and Portugal and here are and will be the results weekly.

It’s remarkable that those Hispanic IC’s that followed the tips I showed in the last webinar have had important advances and some of them with great success. Here they can find themselves and check their progress.


Digital Marketing Influence in the net: Selfcontrol

One of the best characteristics that Internet Marketing bring us is to check everything we do. Also, we have the opportunity to show our clients how influents they are, what are the fields they rock or simply where are the points they have to improve. But, what about us?

Are we focusing too in our brand reputation?

With this weekly list I hope I can help all WSI Digital Marketers to check their advances and showing us as a group; we belong to the leader in Digital Marketing Solutions: WSI.


First Week: October 10, 2011

Here is the first list. Here will be just the Top of the list.


Top Five of the week

Top positions:


1.- Klout 64 – Abel Pardo (WSI – Iberia)

2.- Klout 57 – Ron Haggerty (WSI – Sud USA)

3.- Klout 50 – Anthony Burke (WSI – GB & Ireland)

4.- Klout 49 – Lou Unkeless (WSI – West USA)

5.- Klout 49 – Peter Rees (WSI – Great Britain & Ireland)

6.- Klout 49 – Herve Gabriel (WSI – France)

7.- Klout 48 – Elliot Sheen (WSI – Great Britain & Ireland)

8.- Klout 44 – Rob Thomas (WSI – Great Britain & Ireland)

9.- Klout 44 – Johnny da Silva (WSI – South Africa)

10.- Klout 44 – Thomas Petty (WSI – West USA)



Silver Division

11.- Klout 44 – Chris Chin Lee (WSI – Central America – Caribbean)

12.- Klout 42 – Walter Meade (WSI – Mexico)

13.- Klout 42 – WSI Digital Marketing Catalunya (WSI -Iberia)

14.- Klout 41 – Will Paccione (WSI – West USA)

15.- Klout 40- WSI OMS (WSI – South Africa)


Bronze Division

16.- Klout 40 – Moisés Trabajo (WSI – Iberia)

17.- Klout 39 – Marty DeWitt (WSI – East USA)

18.- Klout 39 – Gregg Towsley (WSI – West USA)

19.- Klout 39 – Hilel Fenig (WSI – México)

20.- Klout 39 – Lee Scott (WSI – Canada)


Top regions:

1.- WSI Great Britain & Ireland – 61 points

2.- WSI West USA – 38 points

3.- WSI Iberia – 33 points

4.- WSI Sud USA – 19 points
5.- WSI South Africa – 18 points
6.- WSI France – 15 points
7.- WSI Mexico – 11 points
8.- WSI Central America  & Caribbean – 10 points
9.- WSI East USA – 4 points
10.- WSI Canada – 1 point



Our WSI ICs Champions League: next objectives

Congratulations to all of you, within or at the point in the list and remember that a Klout bigger than 20 is just an obligation for a Digital marketing Consultant.

We check more than 200 IC’s and will add weekly new Digital Marketers to the list. Step by step we’ll show the improvements. Next week, more Klout information will be added, and a new list waiting for finding you between the best WSI Internet Marketing Consultants.

Also we’ll give tips for improving in Social Media Networks for keeping our brand, WSI, at the top in World Digital Marketing Solutions.

Thank you all!