Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

Pay per Click and landing pages

Now, the question: What’s a landing page?

A Landing-page is, simply, the page into our website where visitors access, and incidentally, the current page has its own properties and should be take in count in our Online Marketing design.


Landing Pages in our Online Marketing strategy

Landing pages are the main base for developing a good PPC campaing. You’ve got to search, test, control, and measure everything you’re doing in pay per click in order to know if your keywords are working or not.

In PPC you have to select 3 main strategies:

1) What are your keywords going to be

2) What’s your required market

3) What’s you objetive public

The landing page must be fully organised,designed and concentrated on the product, service or idea that we raised through the bond by which Pay-per-click visitors arrive.

When we control this things, we’ll have s solid basis for developing our SEO strategy. If we want to promote «Contact Test» as keyword, we need to know if words like «contact», «test» or «contact test» have traffic and how strong our possible competitors are.

Also we have to check if they are bringing us profitable traffic and competitors, but the main base is if they have traffic enough.


Keywords are the difference between success and fail in SEO. If we do not select the best keywords, we develop a wonderful external and internal SEO, get thousands of links and dozens of quality ones, but the keywords we chase are not the right ones due to traffic or conversion rates, our work have been sunk.

BTW, we need to select keywords rigorously, not just testing them into PPC, but also making a Marketing study about the possibility we have in Google for getting the main positions.



SEO, PAY PER CLICK and keywords are the tools we have for developing a superb lander. Conversion is the guide-objective and all, together, is the diference between conversion or not, clients or not and money or not.

Do you like success? Then remember: keywords, conversions, PAY-PER-CLICK, SEO and landing pages. These are the easy elements for the golden key in Digital Marketing.

Your turn

Now is your turn about Landing Pages. Do you have one?

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