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Testing Social Media Tools: Mentions

Twitter users know there are three important facts when developing activities in the 140 characters network: Retweets, Replays and Mentions.

A mention is, simply, when other people are talking about you and put your name, in my case Abel Pardo Fernández must be changed by @conceyeiru, my twitter identifier. The inclusion of the @ symbol will show this tweet in your @ Connect Wall even if you are not a follower of that user.


Interesting points: Who talks about me?

Social Media influence testers like Klout have in count who and how many times are mentioning or are you mentioned in twitter. This is an interesting point for Klout followers because of the importance of these criteria in your global Kloutscore.

Also, it’s a great help for knowing what kind of people is in your net and how strong are your mention links with that users.


Mentionmapp: Mapping your mentions

Mentionmapp is a free tool that let you know who are your mentioners, how strong are your links and even what are your strong hashtags in this game.

But, showing this kind of things in a net basis, you can travel between your nets and the others ones, showing all a linked net between users, hashtags and how it’s going further and further.


Simple steps for connecting

When you arrive to mentionmapp, you’ll see a window similar to this one:

Now, just insert your twitter’s name and this is the kind of map you’re going to find (all images can be enlarged just clicking on them):


Like you can see, my name is in the middle in blue showing my main mentioners: @SmartBoyDesigns, @AniseSmith, @JasonYormark, @KylePlacy and @Netster23.

Also we can see some of the comments through their hashtags. The main important for me is, obviously, #internetmarketing, but also #socialmedia, #followfriday and #mombloggers (thank you mums!!!).


Other features for Digital Marketing Consultants

What can we do with this tool too? One thing, not just for Digital Marketers, but also for interested people or curious ones. If we click in the right, over SmartBoyDesigns (nick for Christian Hollingsworth, one of the most important and active bloggers in the net), you can see his connections as showed here:


It’s very helpful to know what’s your location in his net and what other people are into it. It can be very helpful for seeing internal nexus between your net and your friends’ ones.

This can be very good seen here, with other of the giants in blogging: Jason Yormark (@JasonYormak).


Jason has a very nurtured mention net with internal connections between the people are into it as you can see in the image above, what is a great help for discovering also other relationships between mentioners.


What about you?

Now it’s your turn. Try it, discover it, and I hope it will be interest or helpful for you. Your comments, tweets, +1 and other shares are very welcomed!