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What is Klout for?

In the last weeks I’ve being testing some things about Klout. First is easy: What is Klout for? Some people are obsessed about it, some people hate it, some people use it rationally.

All of them have common characteristics, share some facts and are very interesting under a Digital Marketing consultant point of view. Let’s see all these personas.


Klout obsessed people

Klout obsessed people are a kind of addicts. They spend lots of time looking for +Ks, giving for +K and testing they results one time and another. They compulsively act in Social Media not for their followers, mates or people they know, but for increasing their Klout.

This kind of people control everything: just talk to high scored Klout people, just retweet the ones that can increase their positions, ignore all the low scored Klout ones and compulsively give +1 and «I like it» to people that, like them, belong to this persona.

Their lives are in and for Kloutscore. They get depressed, and shocked when their Kloutscore drops, and question themselves and all their surrounds what could happen yesterday for going down, after reading tons of posts for trying an answer for it.



Klout hatters

Klout hatters are no neutral with Klout. They write about it, about they don’t like to be invaded in their privacy, about the fails that Klout don’t match, about imperfections in their algorithms, about the inutility of trying to measure influence.

They all have written to Klout for erasing all their data and show it proudly around their blogs, but it’s a constant that they spend lots of time talking about Klout negativity. Their lives orbit around Klout and want to destroy it, but after ruining Klout reputation.


Klout «normal» users

Klout is just a number that show us how much we interact in a period of time and what are the fields where we interact at most. Just that, and they know it. They check Klout several some times a week, refeed their +K givers as a thank fact and develop their online activity for their mates, friends and followers, not for Klout.

They analyze Klout in weekly periods, seen trends, and analyze that trends in monthly bases for controlling their activity, they keywords, their followers and if the information they are providing is retweeted, is liked or is +1.

Klout is just one tool more in their favorites folder, and it’s useful as a reference, not as an objective.


Your turn

Do you use Klout? Do you like it, do you hate it, do you use it or just do you ignore it? Your comments are welcome and, if you like this post, share your feelings and spread the love in Social Media!

Thank you for reading and sharing :)