Today I surpassed 1,000 followers in twitter. That’s a good fact. First because of the number, and secondly because there is a huge market at least with more than 1,000 people that are interested in the tweets I publish about Internet Marketing and Social Media like facebook or linkedIn.

Twitter started a few years ago producing an authentic revolution in social media. Just 140 characters, but one fact, made of it the more important social media net all around the world. Whatever, wherever it happens, twitter is the first social media through it is distributed all around the world.


Why twitter rules

Twitter is not a network where people write and develop its thoughts. Twitter is speed, twitter are hundreds, thousands of data, twitter is a kind of market where prices of actions are moving showing new information every tweet is posted. That’s what likes or dislikes about it, from young teen girls following Justin Bieber, to not so teens following Katy Perry, everyone that has a name, is in twitter.

For me, for Digital Marketing, is not just a hobby, is our work. A work where you can find interesting people from USA to Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, Australia or United Kingdom, a whole Digital Marketing alliance is developed through twitter for sharing the last knowledge, the last news, the last exists and a desire of going further in New Technologies through the 21st century.

Thanks all, folks!!!