Learning progress is a matter that, in the last years, occupies most of Europeans. Countries like Greece, Portugal or Spain are close to abandon the euro or being controlled by European Union institutions, and in risk of Bankrupt.

In these sense, new technologies of communication and information are a very good context for developing interesting actions. e-learning or online learning offers the possibility of study at home and, because of that, more and more Europeans can improve their skills in a more efficient mode.


Problems in Europe

Europe has a big problem. There isn’t an unified learning system, with quite different ones even in the same member states. In Spain there are, at least, 17 independent systems more or less connected, every one of them offering different visions of the same facts and very focused in their territories.

Quality decreases and, step by step, students are losing knowledge baggage.


Solutions: unify themes and new technologies

Europe should walk to a high unified education system when themes should be basically the same for all member states, at least in higher education.

By this way, professionals won’t have big gapes of knowledge, and an Austrian, Leonese or Scottish professional would have the same recognized capacities when they finish their studies.

New technologies are the key point for education. e-learning is one of the best advances for letting people to cocach, learn, train or improve his skills online, at home, and when time is adaquated for this matters.


SEO, web 2.0, social media… Do you know them?

Promoting online learning abroad, to know other educative systems and opening University to plurality, we’re going step by step walking to quality.

High level studies should imply quality, not just a paper for reaching a job, and even more, for having a chance for applying for a work.

Concepts like SEO, Online Marketing, New Communications or Social Media are a must for students, or a gap in their resumes.


Your turn

Do you believe that Europe would be stronger with a more unified University system like the USA?

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