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Google Panda is dead

I didn’t like Panda. It was one of the causes that produced that my main website fell down for a week, even if I did nothing.

Now Google discovers its «Penguin», the new algorithm that will guide our searches and our SEO efforts for getting better ranks for our keywords in this search engine.


What’s new in Google Penguin?

First the name. And when something has a new name it marketing it wants to say that their producers want to spread the sensation that they were working in a new product or service from an old system. Google is not an exception.

Penguin wants to tell us that Panda is dead and the new algorithm came to life. Yes, but how and why. There are tons of information about how Penguin affected SEOs, and most of them are coincident: Do you remember anything about content? Maybe you should forget it because Penguin is not his best friend.


Is content dead for SEO?

Some of us were talking about it, and definitely websites with a small content increased their rankings and others with tons of original content are at the bottom of the list. How could it happen? Because of Penguin.

Now, it was suggested that we have to have a lot of external links pointing to our website not just with our desired keyword, but with other ones.

Also, like always, it has been told that to have your name in the URL can be good or bad depending on the income links or the people that talk about it.

  Penguin is the new present from Google to SEO professionals

Strategies for the new SEO

Strategies are simple: be prudent. Don’t move anything until the new algorithm spreads and things will be a bit clearer for everyone. Then SEO will share the experiences and a new rule will go on.

That’s the point where we’ll know the new Penguin and its characteristics, and then work in this line.

If you have been damaged by Penguin, Google, like always, provide you with a formulary. Maybe, like always, it will serve for nothing, but at least you can console yourself.


Your turn

Do you own websites and felt the fresh air from the pole produced by the Penguin? Did it go up or down with your websites?

Share them with us (remember, we dofollow for helping SEO) and, if you liked the post, spread the love in Social Networks!