Penguin is changing everything or, at least, a lot of things. When a SEO wants to develop online activities like SEO, Online Marketing or Web Design, one of the most important facts is continuous learning.

Learning is the door to knowledge, and then, it’s time for testing. In this sense, I’ve read, I’ve read, I’ve read even more, and then I started some games for testing what I’ve learnt and what I’ve supposed.


Landing pages with Google Penguin: Yes or Not?

Content, content, content. This word has been extremely repeated by Google when they talk about how to get a good position in SERPs. I repeatedly defended that this is not a key factor and wanted to test it.

In Aigen Digital Marketing we have a website about SEO:


First SEO Site:Folder-URL

Here we talk about Search Engines Optimization, how to do it and offer our services all around the world. Even you can contact with us through an application form.

This web has a very good internal SEO, very good positioned the keywords and a domain,, with a lot of SEO juice.

Then, I’ve created a subdomain here:

Second SEO Site: Subdomain

They have the same terms, with similar links, with similar directories and all kind of semi-secret actions that SEOs keep in secret, these are the results: – Position #12 – Position #13

External vs Internal SEO: The end of quality content?

With Google Penguin, one website don’t need tons of content, good content, interesting content, original content or “ages”.

One subdomanin with just one page, with original content, selected keywords and good external seo can reach #2 page of google SERPS if external SEO is well done.


Your turn about SEO and Google Penguin

What do you think about Google Penguin and quality content? Do you believe it’s important to do it when a SEO policy is being developed?

Your comments are very welcome, and of course, if you have a minute for sharing this article or +1 it though the buttons :)