SEO concepts, SEO requirements

These weeks I’ve monitored several SEO campaigns that we are developing for our clients. The sort of companies we’re working cover several branches, countries and activities. One of these clients is trying to rank on a very competitive and difficult casino and gambling niche, and our go to move was to buy casino links paired with a lot of great quality content around the subject and build through that slowly through the ranks. Results are quite good, most of them are positioning for their desired keywords and step by step they’re getting better positions in SERPS.

What’s the big surprise I’m feeling? Well, it’s not quite a surprise, but a fact: people still believe that link building rules, that you should stuff with their keywords and that all links have to have their keywords in the anchor text. Does it surprise you?


Search engine optimization: new times, old attitudes

When talking to customers, there is always a question: Can I contract with you 15, 25 or 50 words for developing a link building? It’s almost impossible to explain some people that it’s necessary a whole SEO strategy, to develop internal SEO, to build natural links and things like that.

Even, there are a lot, but a lot of digital marketing colleagues that simply can’t imagine this fact. It’s strange to see that people that you guess that will be recycled, that in digital marketing all of them should be at the edge of innovations, keep a extremely defensive attitude when talking about SEO.

This seems to me like if they want to stop the time and develop SEO business like four months ago. OK, that’s human… but this is Digital marketing!!!


Digital Marketing is learning, try and fail, not to stand by.


Some differences between digital marketing and farmers

Digital Marketing is innovation, digital marketing are changes, digital marketing are tries and fails. This is not a world for conservative people, but for adventurers that want to discover new lands, new ways, new people, new capabilities.

SEO is the essence of this concepts, not just because SEOs are continuously experimenting, but because Google is continuously changing.

I live in a little country in Europe called Leon, in Northwest Iberia. Farmers in my village used tools that were introduced to them… BY ROMANS (Yes, more than 2,000 years ago).

They are, obviously, quite conservative people, they don’t like changes, they don’t like to experiment, they hate proofs, they simply want to harvest like they parents, grandparents and great grandparents. To introduce new harvesting styles is just condemned to fail.


What about you?

One of the best things in Digital Marketing is to read, share and comment about others’ experiences. Do you believe there are too many people sunk in the past?

Do you think Digital Marketing is a synonym of learning or testing?

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