With a bit of time after Penguin, the new algorithm from Google, Digital Marketing Consultants can now define some facts that work or don’t work for search engine optimization.

Some of these facts were time ago been confirmed by Google Panda, some of them were not as useful as they are right now. This is one of the most interesting aspects in SEO en León: continuous learning, constinuous changing.


Good links, quality links

Links have been always the key point for SEOs. All of us knew that having a lot of links, quality links, we can see how our success grows in Google.

Now, the websites Aigen Digital Marketing webmasters, showed us how good quality links have been confirmed by Google as the main tool for reaching our objectives.

Those websites with tons of low quality are not as interesting as good quality liks are. Page Rank pages 4 and higher, with less than 10 outlinks, are good points for SEO.


Anchor tests: more than one rules

Anchor texts is another keypoint in the new Google Penguin algorithm. If you have more than one anchor text pointing to your focused page, congratulations. Google Penguin will love you and your page will be at the top in Google.

If you did heavy SEO pointing everything for your focused keyword, the you may be in trouble. Google will want natural linking, and they consider that natural linking implies «See here», «click here» and things like those as anchor texts.

Well, we have seen our websites with more than one keyword rewarded by Google so, there have been contrasted facts by ourselves showing that coul be a right argument.



Content, content, content?

Excuse me, but… We don’t see it. Pages without content, with low quality standards were not penalised by Google.

Websites with very good content have not been promoted by Google so… we don’t see it. It could be right, it could be good, extraordinary for getting conversions, for getting the visitor’s support… but we don’t see it for SEO efforts.

We have placed in #1 position websites with a horrible SEO architecture, and another ones with extraordinary original quality were not at the top.


You turn

Did you test anything for the new Google Penguin? Did it work for you? It’s time for testing and, if you like, for comment and sharing. Thank you for +1 this article!!! :)