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PPC vs. SEO = Google vs. Market Samurai?

Some weeks after Google changed again, we can see the consequences. Not happy with failing to provide APIs to developers, one of the best allies when doing Search Engine or Google Optimization work, Market Samurai, suffered a strong hit that almost killed it, and with this tools, one of our best «SEO friends».


Is Google attacking SEO?

Like we anticipated, first effects we are going to suffer are, as always, economics. Once of the great possibilities presented by Market Samurai was his Rank Tracker, a kind of webscan for search engines. With this great tool people could control many keywords and rank them for controlling their SEO efforts.

Now we have been told that this advantage, especially because data was analyzed by their hosts, will be stored by ourselves. What’s the problem? Google don’t let to do as many searches as we want, and, of course, they don’t let automatization for it.

Now they have fallen, and from Noble Samurai is announced that the most likely (so, sure), is to be charged for this service. Drop us a figure of around 100 dollars a month, or what amounts to the same, 80 euros at the rate we carry.


What happens with Google?

Google is a business company that make money not from SEO but with Pay per click. All what we work in SEO is not good (nor bad) for Google, simply, it’s not a win-win resource for them (just talking about money).

Is there a black hand hitting SEO resources? Could it be. And the answer is, simply, to have more than one tool, more than one expert, more than one plan for having always the possibility of developing new actions if our website is affected by Google decisions.


SEO Leon: the alternative of Aigen Digital Marketing

What d we do in Aigen Digital Marketing? Even if we are fans of Market Samurai, we have more platforms and tools, but overall, Aigen WSI is the leading Digital Marketing Company for developing SEO in León.

Through SEO Leon, our project, we can offer high quality by one main reason: our strong network thanks to be members of Aigen Digital marketing, which presents the great advantage of a being a world leader in igital marketing. Present in 87 countries, our network provides us with information.


What’s the problem for SEO?

The big problem is that little business, individual SEO and new people starting in this discipline, are serious hitted if tools like Market Samurai or similares are touched down by Google.

Let’s see how the market goes.