TweetEffect: Gain and lose in Twitter

Twitter is not just a social media network; it’s a working place and in this sense, when have to measure all our activity there.

Also, we know that twitter has a very high rate of instability talking about followers: dozens (or hundreds) join and go out everyday in our table, but some of them are / were unknown for us because of this fact: if one joins and another goes out, the total amount will keep the same.

How can we know how many and when they are joining or unfollowing us?

The answer is TweetEffect.


How to get this data for your twitter account

It’s very simple. Connect with and you will see something like this:


Now just insert your twitter account in the correspondent field and click on Tell me about my effects! My counsel is to do it at least for times until results will be stable.


Followers and unfollowers: everything about your twitter account

In the next image, we can see some information about how many followers and unfollwers we had between the last 200 actions developed in twitter.

This is the image we’ll see:


Now we see number of updates: 200, won followers: 17 times and got followers: 17 times. You can get the badge if you want to show it in your own website just clicking in the blue button “get this badge”.

After that, you can have an idea about your win/lose ratio, but the tool provide us with more interesting information for measuring our activity in twitter. Do you believe in SEO and SEM? This is a useful analytic tool too.


When we win/lose followers in Twitter

If we scroll down the webpage, we’ll find information like the one in this image:


Here you have a timetable with your actions in twitter and the results you obtained in followers/unfollowers ratios. In my account @wsiabelpardo you can see what were the post I wrote and when I was followed or unfollowed.


Time for you: act now!

Try this tool, see when and how many tweeter followers you are winning-losing and why, and remember, if you like this post, tell the world clicking here in “I like it”, “+1” or similar and write your opinion.

Do you want more information about what we can do for you or your business? It’s here: Digital Marketing and Social Netwoks.

Thank you for reading and sharing the love!