Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

Why Social Media Rocks

One of the revolutionary activities in the 2.0 internet revolution are Social Media networks. We can connect with friends, relatives or mates, we can change information, talk to them or share photos.

Listening to Francoise Muscat, you can notice that an individual can connect with more than 2 billion people, and this fact is what converted Internet Marketing in a basis for all the Marketing Plans.


Social Media: Past, present and future

If you have a business, 15% of your time should be for past, 60% for the future ans 25% for the future. The difference between success or not is just to think in the long time -years- instead of short times -weeks-

What’s your strategy for the next years? Does your company ever thought about it? If the answer is no, you need a Marketing Plan, a Digital Marketing Plan, and a Social Media Plan. Are you getting profit from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google+ or simply you are there?


Abel Pardo with Eric Lehoucq at E&I Paris about Social Media


Professional vs Family & Friends

When you’re going to the next level in Digital Online Marketing, your social networks couldn’t be a copy of your personal ones. Your strategies, posts, dedication and attention must have an objective, must be measured, tested and focuses for getting profits.

Are you in the social media networks because everyone is or because you know what to get from them? The answer is quite important, because everything in the net, and outside it, has to be an objective, a plan and a development.

This is the only way we can control everything, we can test new processes, new products or trying new attitudes. There is the time for using analytics, and for changing the steps we gave that don’t work.


Social Media: Professionals time

Everyone have to and can develop its own social media networks. Everyone can’t develop its professional social media networks.

Here comes the Social Sedia Consultant, that will show you the best way for improving your results in social work and will get for you the maximum profit from them.

Here in Aigen Digital Marketing offer these services. Your business deserves a professional social media strategy, developed by the world leader company in Digital Marketing. Don’t hesitate in contact us here.