Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

These days I’ve reached a 60 in my Kloutscore. That’s nice!!! And one of the characteristics are Perks. Giving an eye to the ones I could get, I discovered I could be chosen for trying a new beta for twitter. There are tons, so it should be a good one for having success.

Digital Marketing Consultants are rare human beings that try to test everything in the net, so I accepted to add to the new beta.


What I like about Bottlenose for Twitter

Red Social, Social Media, or like you want to say have a problem. We can’t see in just one panel what’s happening in our surround and Bottlenose resolves this problem in a simple way.

First, there is a spider net, with a keyword at the center. Then, all the other keywords, twitter users, trends and all what we need to know in a scale based system. We can fell what is close to us or far.

Here we can see an example:



We can see News in the center of the image and in the surround all the important things that are happening: Iran, Economical, Tiwtter #socialmediaor Iphone.

It gives a very fine sightseen about all the news and trendtopics, but we can have more from this tool.


What are your interests in Twitter?

It’s quite interesting to know what’s cool in twitter, but… What about you? Bottlenose can show you, just clickin on your image or twitter name (mine is conceyeiru), and you can see what is on your net and how close are them to you.

You can see that in this image:



If you click on one of the tags, names or whatever in the image, the one you clicked on will place in the middle and everything will be shown in its around, letting you see again what’s close to it.


What more can be found in Bottlenose?

You can also see all the features that other nets offer to you: windows for seeing the tweets, mentions, sent and Private DM and all this columns together.

This is not new, but it’s helpful and you can use this tool like your main connection to twitter.



An interesting tool for Twitter

The conclusion is simple: it’s an interesting tool. You can try it, see a bit and if you like it, then use it.

Do you access to twitter in their website or use another program? If you like test thing, here you have an opportunity.