Digital Marketing and Rankers

Understanding Page Rank

One of the more controversial variables in the net world is, of course, Page Rank. Page Rank has a problem with its name -Page- and its surname -Rank- A simple view over these two words could be similar or understood as a ranking for webpages, sites or whatever.

No. The fact is that the inventor of this system, Larry Page (cofounder of Google) has “Page” as his surname, so “Page Rank” signifies “The Rank of Larry Page”.

It’s changed (actualized) 4 times a year (more or less) and has no strong changes -usually-


What Page Rank is

Page Rank and its algorithms serves for measuring quantity and quality of links pointing to a determinate page. First, and quite important, is to denote the word “page” here. It’s not a surname, not a website, but a single web page.

In this sense, Page Rank identifies the link power of a single page.


What Page Rank is not

Page Rank is not a tool for measuring the link power for a website. Why? Because it only refers to individual pages. It doesn’t measures just homepage, but all the others, and remember, your Home page could be not the page from your site with the higher page rank.

Is this possible? Absolutely. In this website, I’ve made a special SEO work for positioning under the keyword “marketing en Internet digital“, so I have made a huge work building high quality white links. The result is that Marketing digital has a Page Rank 3, but Aigen Digital Marketing has a Page Rank 2.


What Page Rank is for

Page Rank is just an element that most digital marketing consultants and SEO consultants use for identifying the link strength in a determinate page when controlling SEO possibilities for a concrete keyword.

In other words: when we want to make a SEO word for one keyword, and develop a competition scanner, one of the main things is to control quantity and quality of the links that that competition has, and stop.

I know there is a black hat traffic with page rank, but remember, Google forbids explicitly that. If you do black hut you’ll be sent over #50 and your page rank will drop to zero.

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