Last weeks I’ve been testing some strategies, tools and methodologies about Online Marketing and, specially, the influence of Social Media in SEO.

When developing them, I’ve been talking and observing other Digital Marketing Consultants, SEO experts, usual people, Klout fans and lots of individuals how do they act, how do they work and what are their goals. Let’s talk about them.


SEO and Social Media: Are they friends?

The answer is that depends on. On what? The social media and our efforts in Online Marketing. It’s a fact that Google+ (you can see here Abel Pardo in G+) will help you to reach a better position in SERPs and facebook, step by step, is being put out of the game.

I’ve seen a lot of people running like devils to Google+, publishing tons of material and waiting for the Google juice, abandon at the same time their activties in Facebook. Is this a right decision?

At the end, the question is not what’s the best for SEO, but what’s the best for you, your company and your clients.

Is Online Marketing like a desert where SEPs are the water?

Google+ vs facebook?

Results vs fame can be the solution for a web marketing consultant. Maybe Google+ is better for ranking, but at the end, what you want is just fame or money. If you want money, if you want to give good service and content to your clients, you have to be where your customers are.

Do you receive a high quantity of qualified traffic from Facebook? Do you believe that organic traffic is not as big as it should be? Are you going to increase your activity for getting better positions that don’t give you a return of investment just for conquering a better SERPs?

Strategies for Online Marketing

First strategy is to evaluate your ROI sources. Online Marketing is first analyze and then act. If you have a good conversion rate and you receive visitors from SEO, then study what are your gold keywords and promote them.

By the way, if you are not receiving qualified visitors from Google and just traffic without ROI from search engines, then focus on facebook, focus on twitter, focus on LinkedIn.

To be when your clients are, to improve your conversion rates, to give your customers fast and easy what they are looking for is the key for success.


Your turn about Internet Marketing

Are you developing strategies for web marketing? Do you prefer Search engine optimization, activity in the social media or do you work at a whole digital marketing contest?

Your comments are appreciated and, of course, we thank you a lot for sharing this content in the net.