Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

The right background for Digital Marketing

This week was developed in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States the WSI E&I Digital Convention. Three days were experts in Digital Marketing and Social Media met, talked, shared information and listened to conferences and successful cases between Product Centers and CEOs of different companies sharing the WSI network.

The Planet Hollywood Hotel was really a good point for having a good background for talking about Digital Marketing. Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world for testing and tasting the flavors for testing the tendencies in marketing, advertising, publicity and all around this world. The Planet Hollywood is just in the perfect point for feeling this wave, in the Strip area where Bellagio, New York, New York, Cosmopolitan or Caesars Palace share an authentic market atmosphere.


World experts and best solutions: Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing

It was really interesting sharing points of view and experiences with world leaders in Digital Marketing Consulting, especially in the Hispanic Area, like Walter Meade, Alejandro Odio or Alberto Ferreiro, but also in Social Media, like Dan Zarrella or listening to people like Dough Shousts, authentic referrals in digital marketing.

What’s the new, what are the new tendencies? There is no doubt: All the Digital Surround has to develop Mobile Marketing strategies integrating this solutions into the Digital Marketing Plan, and the absolute incorporation of video in all the formats that WSI is right now offering to local and national markets.

The new global digital marketing is here and the best providers are offering its resources to our network. From the United States and Canada to markets like León, New York, Tennessee or República Dominicana, the new wave is a reality for all the business. Technology is not an option, is just the difference between existing or being auto excluded from the market, benefits and success. Solutions have arrived and we are in the grade of offering them to our clients.