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Welcome to the 5th Round of our WSI ICs Social Media Champions League

After the shock of being dropped a lot of people «thanks» to the new Klout’s algorithm, here we have a new edition of ours Internet Marketers all around the world. Even all, our scores are growing step by step, and with them, our position as good Social media Marketers.

It’s quite interesting showing now that all the Top 20 WSI Digital Marketing Consultants are over 40 Klout points. That is considered a very good baggage and a good result for being presented as a Digital Marketer.

Also a detail, Klout changed the time they actualized the data, so I will reflect when data was taken. This round was checked at 11:01 CET, Time in León, Europe.


Tip of the week

This week was so strange. That’s the reason because of our tip is check, read, probe and make contact with the new algorithm. Klout changed, so our attitude must change too. Have we thought that anytimes are giving more weight to any social media than to another one where our costumers are too?

This is very usual. We prefer a social media like twitter or facebook, so, we spend the most of the time there. What about our customers? Are our clients spending their time also there? Are they looking for us in our preferred social media netwrok or in their social media networks?

Next week, a bit more about social media and Klout from León, Europe.


Social Media Champions League – 5th Round


Top Five

Top positions:

1 .- Klout 52 – Abel Pardo (WSI – Iberia)

2 .- Klout 48 – Eric Cook (WSI – East USA)

3 .- Klout 48 – Anthony Burke (WSI – GB & Ireland)

4.- Klout 47 – Seham El Behissi (WSI – West Asia)

5.- Klout 46 – Thomas Petty (WSI – West USA)

6.- Klout 45 – Lee Scott (WSI – Canada)

7.- Klout 45 – Francisco Jarrín (WSI – South America)

8.- Klout 45 – Maryn Williams (WSI – South USA)

9.- Klout 44 – Johnny da Silva (WSI – South Africa)

10.- Klout 44 – Elliot Sheen (WSI – Great Britain & Ireland)

Silver Division

11.- Klout 43 – Lou Unkeless (WSI – West USA)

12.- Klout 43 – Edward Gutierrez (WSI – South America)

13.- Klout 43 – Hilel Fenig (WSI – Mexico)

14.- Klout 42 – WSI Velocity (WSI – East USA)

15.- Klout 42 – Marçal Orri (WSI – Iberia)

Bronze Division

16.- Klout 41 – Claire Taylor (WSI – Great Britain & Ireland)

17.- Klout 41 – David Duncan (WSI – Great Britain & Ireland)

18.- Klout 40 – Walter Meade (WSI – Mexico)

19.- Klout 40 – Carlos Contró (WSI – Mexico)

20.- Klout 40 – Jamshaid Hashmi (WSI – Canada)

Top regions:

1.- WSI Great Britain & Ireland – 38 points
2.- WSI Iberia – 26 points
3.- WSI East USA – 26 points

4.- WSI West USA – 26 points
5.- WSI South America – 23 points
6.- WSI West Asia – 17 points
7.- WSI Canada – 16 points
8.- WSI South USA – 13 points
9.- WSI Mexico – 13 points
10.- WSI South Africa – 12 points

Team Analysis

The advantage that the British Islands have at the Top of the list is getting more important week after week. Interest is allocated in the second position, with Iberia, East and West USA are hardly competing with equal points each team, followed by South America.

In the middle of the table are West Asia and Canada, and there is also a fight for abandoning the last position. South USA and Mexico have just one point more than South Africa, who closes the list for this week.