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WSI Abel Pardo Fernandez, world leaders in Digital Marketing

Abel Pardo Fernandez, Certified Digital Marketing Consultant with more than 15 years of experience in online marketing, and WSI, leader of the marketing franchises in the world, created WSI Aigen Digital Marketing, a leader company in offering solutions in SEO, PPC, web designs and all around Digital Marketing Analytics from Leon, Northern Spain, Europe.


History of WSI

WSI was established in the mid 1990’s in Toronto, Canada. For over 20 years, WSI has been developing profitable Internet Marketing Solutions for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), serving more than 80 countries worldwide. Since our founding, WSI has been a digital marketing leader in helping businesses succeed online.

We have been a home for innovators where our international presence is uniquely multi-cultural, yet dedicated to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.


Simple Websites Era

WSI started off by providing simple, basic websites that had no functionality but rather something to look at while surfing the Internet. Back then our Consultants were techies, client needs were lucid, and websites served the purpose of a cardboard brochure.

As Internet usage evolved, and users started interacting with websites, WSI evolved and rapidly took control. We started working on ways to make our websites more dynamic and interactive which resulted in a major shift in the product and service portfolio WSI offered its clients.

Techies were not enough – what clients needed were business partners who understood and could translate the Internet into business ‘speak’. WSI developed the Internet Business Analysis (IBA™), enabling WSI Consultants to help direct companies in making their sites more dynamic and productive.


SEM – Search Engine Marketing

The next largest change came with the launch of search engines like Google and Yahoo! who expanded the marketing opportunity for business with paid online advertising.

 As the business world became more digitized and marketers moved their advertising dollars from traditional media to digital, WSI’s services adapted again to serve the Internet marketing needs of businesses.


The Future of Digital Marketing

It could be argued that some of the biggest changes to the Internet world have happened over just the last years with the introduction of user- generated content through social media and changes in the mobile landscape due to Smartphones.

But as these changes have emerged, WSI has strategically adapted to stay ahead of the curve and ensuring our services  help companies effectively communicate and do business online. Options like our Webscan or our capacity for making high quality websites give us the #1 in the Top 100 Internet Solutions providers.


WSI Abel Pardo Fernandez – AIGEN Digital Marketing

WSI offers its services in more than 80 countries and since 2011, also from León, in Europe. WSI Abel Pardo Fernández started like the keypoint in Northern Spain for offering high quality web solutions to this Markets.

With the alliance between WSI and Aigen Digital Marketing, with Abel Pardo Fernández as the CEO, WSI offer its knowldege in Digital Marketing resources and strategies that are applied from an European point of view for Aigen Digital Market opening its solutions to the whole world.

Digital Marketing from León to the world

With WSI Abel Pardo, CEO of WSI AIgen Digital Marketing, have being choosen as the most valuated speaker in the last WSI Digital Marketing Consultants for Spain and Portugal Convention for 2011, and participated in meetings and conferences from Toronto (Canada) to Las Vegas (USA).

Now, WSI Aigen Digital Marketing is the most important Digital Marketing services provider in the are, offering solutions from León for countries like USA, Mexico, Ecuador or Portugal.