Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

Internet, SEO, Marketing… What’s the most interesting in this game?

A December 2011 study developed by Eurostat, a statistical bureau from the EU Union pointed to the fact that almost one of each 4 EU Community citizens (27 members) never used Internet. Like we can see, all the other facts don’t count: no Internet, no Internet Marketing, no Social Media, no e-commers… nothing.

But these data that seem dreadful need a bit complicated analysis.


2006 – 2011: Europe advances (more or less)

An enormous advance From these years folk who had not Internet access at home reduced from 42% of the whole European population until 24%.

Here we are able to see a good step to digitalization but if we seek rather more we are able to see that 45% of Bulgarian household web access rates but 94% of Dutch ones.


Leaders in Europe

In 2011 there were serious info by nations.

  • The Netherlands 95%
  • Luxemburg 91%
  • Sweden 91%
  • Denmark 90%

They are at the very top of the share. In the other hand we have:

  • Bulgaria 45%
  • Romania 47%
  • Greece 50%

They are at the bottom of the list.And these numbers are really, really low for countries in the «First Wotld».


USA versus Europe: USA wins

NCTA (National Cable and Telecommunication Association) declared that Cable High Speed Internet Availability to U.S. Homes (June 2011) was 93%, that is, 1,248 million people like we are able to see in the NCTA research of SNL Kagan and Census Bureau estimates.



Contrast with Europe is important.These are European leaders:

  • Sweden 86%
  • Denmark 94%
  • The Netherlands 83%
  • Great Britain 83%
  • and Finland 81%

These countries registered the highest share of broadband connections in 2011 and every one of them were a great distance from the United States. We aren’t talking about Romania 31%, Bulgaria 40% and Greece 45%, that had the lowest averages but the highest scores.

No European country is at the USA level.


What about the use

It’s also interesting. Eurostat afirms that in 2011 the highest proportions of people that had not employed the Internet were observed in Romania 54 of individuals aged 16-74

  • Bulgaria 40%
  • Greece 45%
  • Cyprus 41%
  • Portugal 41%

Is Europe losing the race against USA? With this data that’s more than a serious possibility.