Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

Not so long ago I saw a critic in a Social Network because someone «didn’t engage in Twitter, but share a lot of links».

I was absolutely shocked. Not just because that person interacted in twitter, but because the person that said that wasn’t one of the followers of that account.

What’s happening in social media? Is a new wave of «thinkers» telling us what we have to do?


Freedom in the net

Now that SOPA and similar are in our horizon, maybe it’s time for thinking that not just governments, but usual people, believe that anyone of us must use Internet, social media, forums or blogs like they want.

There are people criticized because «Twitter is for engaging» and they are using it «for sharing links to web pages».

My question is simple: Can we use the nets like we want, like we consider, like their rulers say, or must we act like a «popular» unknown tribunal consider because they think that «Social Media is for engaging and not for sharing links?


Are we free to share links to articles and people we like?

Are we losing the concept of freedom in the net? Well, I’ve talked to a friend about this. There are some people that believe that the net must be «for people without economic interests» and everything must be «for free».

Ok, that’s an option. If they want, it’s their right, I’m not going to criticize them because they offer their work for free (even I say I’m happy).

The problem is that first, they don’t create anything, and second, when they tell us that we can’t promote other people that earn money writing, giving speeches or promoting their business as freelancers or consultants because «the net is not for that».

Their objective is very simple: «The net is a battlefield against capitalism (?)», and share links to interesting posts written for people like Dino Dogan, Robert Dempsey or Christian Hollingsworth have been seen as a terrible sin.


[youtube_sc url=»https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHcPvawqn_s&feature=colike» title=»What%20do%20I%20have%20to%20do?» width=»520″ height=»400″ ]


I’m sorry, I like freedom of speech

There is a rule in marketing: None can get 100% of a market and, by the way, I don’t want it. I want to share with you my thoughts about marketing, about online technologies and, of course, to share with you interesting content.

I got more websites about Safaris or Marketing in Spanish. Is it a crime to promote from my website my own pages?


People I like to promote. Why? Bercause I like them

I like Peggy Fitzpatrick, Jim Dougherty or Lillach Bullock. I enjoy and learn a lot with Kathy Steel or Francisco Rosales and I’m not going to stop promoting their articles and their links.

So, I’m sorry, or best at all, I’m not. I’m a professor at the University, so, I like to share knowledge, I like to engage, I like to tweet and I don’t like intolerant people. I remember a fantastic song from Kylie Minogue: What do I have tyo do?

Michael Q Todd, Fabrizio Bartoloni or Joseph Prasad are so good bloggers and writers of articles that will be an authentic sin not to share them, not to share the ones I talked about, not to share the other ones, not to share their links.


Your turn about freedom in Internet

Do you believe that business and promoting people are a right in the net or do you consider that earn money must be forbidden?

Thank you for your opinions and, of course, thank you so much if you share this content and make +1.