Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

Last week we knew the feature for connecting Google+ with Youtube. It was nice, so we can listen to music while we use this social network. It was just a little beat.

The most waited feature at all in this network was, without doubt, Google+ Pages.

Google+ was individual, so (yes, there were exceptions), none could stablish a brand profile, or even another nick. Real name only have been Google’s policy from the beginning in its network. New logo, new try for attacking the dominance of Facebook.

Google+: Your Digital Marketing Brand in a new Network

First: Is it necessary to be in Google+ ALSO, if We are in LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, we have our Bran Page in Facebook and so on? The answer is… Maybe.

You have to answer this simple questions.

  • Why are you going to be in Google+ Pages?
  • What are your objectives
  • Are you going to take profit from this presence
  • What kind of profit are you going to take
  • How many time, money , efforts are you going to invest?
  • Is your ROI going to be acceptable?

If only one of the questions are «I don’t know» or the last one is «no», then it’s not necessary nor inteligent to build a Google+ Pages profile for your brand.


What do I have to do for having my Google+ Page?

If you decide it’s good and profitable for your business to develop a Google+ Page into your Digital or Online Marketing Plan and your Digital Marketing Strategy, then you just have to follow some simple steps and make sure to follow the tips listed at https://www.salesforce.com/products/guide/lead-gen/customer-journeys/

First, you have to connect your Google+ personal profile. There, you can find at the bottom, in the right, a new tab «Google+ Pages» And «Create a Google+ Page», as shown in the Picture above.

Once you got it, just four simple steps: Name your brand, upload your logo, fill the info and publish it in your personal profile.

It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s fast.


What about my own Marketing?

Our motto, like you know is «Marketing Digital desde León, Europa«. Of course, we added it to our profile. Also filled our website address,  how to contact us and a brief resume about what do we do.

Here is how does it look like for WSI Aigen Digital Marketing. Remember, if you like it, give a +1 and add us to your circle. Interest info is guaranteed about Digital Marketing, Social Networks and all around New Technologies.

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