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The cold war between Google+ – this is my profile like Abel Pardo and Facebook continues. Who benefits? Users!

This time, the “newbies” from Mountain View have developed a new feature, very helpful and interesting that promises to become into a useful item. Google+ introduced this week a Youtube tab, where in three easy steps our favorite music can be displayed. A new step in the Digital Marketing era.


Youtube tab into Google +

With this new and exciting way for letting us to listen to our favorite music, Google pretends to recover those people that are considered as “sleepers”, that is, people that opened their accounts but let them abandoned.

So, let’s gonna try to develop this simple feature. Social Media are again at our service and interacting between them.

What’s exactly what we have to do? It’s very simply. When you connect your Google+, a new tab is showed at the top right of your screen, like you can see in this image.

Just click on it and the tab will ellapse for letting you to write the artist, song or whatever you’re looking for being displayed in youtube.

And now, we can see like a new window, is open with a series of songs with the content we have written. Just a click and our favorite one is being played. That’s all!


Good results, good Social Media


Even if we close the Google+ window the another one with the youtube video will keep opened and we can continue listening to our favorite music.

Fine, easy and useful. All what we want when we connect to a social media. Also we can enjoy it in fullscreen and going into Youtube for developing all its features.

Remember, this is real Digital Marketing, this is Social Media Marketing, and this is just now the present. Why do we need to wait to the future if we can live it just now?

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