Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

A lot of people talked and is talking about Pagerank everyday, but we, like digital marketing consultants, want to know how to improve our results using it.

With the last changes not so long ago, I felt people worried about Pagerank, ignoring Pagerank or just consulting Pagerank , but reallity is: Does PR matters or is it just a game like can be intended Klout for Digital Marketing purposes? Let’s analyze it.


Page Rank and Google SERPs

Pagerank is, like everyone knows, a number invented by Larry Page that represents an algorithm and that is used by Google for getting the SERPs with 200+ items. In this sense, it could be understood like a substitute for the magic formula used by Google, but this consideration is far long from reality.

Page Rank just show the power of the inbound links that a page, and not a domain, has. This is just what it is, this is just what we can use. Too much or just a few? Well, sometimes you’ll need it. We work on keywords like zapatos para todos where it’s needed.

That’s what we have to judge.

Some tips about Page Rank

When talking about Google Pagerank, there are some tips for benefiting about it, especially if you own several websites and want to earn some extra money with them.

1) Page Rank signifies number of links and quality of links, if your Pagerank is quite poor, you’ll need to improve your link building for having success.

2) PR is for single pages, so, if a concrete page of your website has a low page rank, you should consider promote it through link building or try another one for your keywords.

3) A high Page Rank is not the same that good places in SERPs, but is not as common as some people want to make us believe that it has nothing to see. High Page Rank with accurate anchor text is, almost always, a synonym for good positions in Google. We have good positioned keywords like alfombras de lana that don’t have a high PR.


Your turn about PR

Do you like it or do you hate it? We have some interesting keywords like asesor jurídico or despacho de abogados, where you can fin useful info. Your comments are very welcome and, of course, we thank you a lot if you click +1 button and spread the love through social media networks like twitter, Google+ or Facebook.