Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing

When we develop our Digital Marketing strategies or a Digital Marketing Plan in the net, sometimes we forget some concepts or even we change them, using words that are not the right ones and giving different sense to others.

Here we are going to explain some definitions that you can find about internet terminology and some definitions that can be found all around the net. Both Internet and Digital Marketing are parts of the Marketing, being Internet Marketing a component of Digital Marketing. Also, SEO is a part of SEM that is a part of Marketing.

Let’s see these concepts.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has been defined as the use of digital sources based on electronic signal like internet, digital display advertising and other digital media like television, radio or mobile telephones for the promotion of brands or products to consumers.

Here we can stablish two different strategies:

  • Pull strategy: the client seeks for the product.
  • Push strategy: the marketer promotes actively the product.


Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing can be defined as the promotion of products, ideas, or consumer goods using the tools that are provided by Internet.

Online marketing, web marketing or e-marketing are commonly used as synonyms of Internet Marketing, and we refer this concept when we talk about it.

So the difference is that digital marketing is not just internet promotion, but all other digital systems and in the last times, mobile telephone as one of the main instruments for developing marketing actions.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, are the activities we develop for making our website attractive to web searchers and in this web, getting an organic, natural or free placement in search results that are offered to the surfer.

We can also divide SEO between:

  • Internal SEO: These are the activities we can do inside our website, like the use of cursive or h1 tags.
  • External SEO: All the SEO activities we develop outside of the website, like link building.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (or SEM) is a part of Marketing, one of the areas that the discilpline of Marketing covers. SEM tries to promote our web pages in the search engines with all the possibilities that the search engine give to us, like paid placement, banners, SEO, context inclusion and all what we can do.

It’s quite important to note that one of these techniques is Pay per Click (PPC), a technic that is used also in other contexts, like social media.