Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

The war between Social Media networks goes on. If we talked this week about new and exciting ones in Google+, even the start point of Google+ Pages, now Twitter, the 140 characters social network, replies.

The question is, who wins in the middle of all these wars: Google+, Twitter, Facebook…?

Do you have a Digital Marketing Plan? Then the answer, simple: We, the users. And it doesn’t matter if we use Twitter in León, London or Los Angeles. These features are useful all around the world and we don’t need for a geotargeting time for the improvements. It’s a worldwide one. Nice!


New improvements in Twitter

First, we can notice there is a new twitter tab called Activity, as showed above. Once we click here, there is a new feature where we can find the new actions that people we follow developed.


Here, we can know who are they new follower, who are they following at the moment they connect and even we can follow these people in twitter just clicking «follow».


Who follows me NOW in Twitter?

Another feature in Twitter is into our own name tab. Once clicked, we can easily see who the new followers we have are and we don’t need to use other resources or programs.

Just watching, clicking, and we can easy follow them in a pair of steps.

What about now?

Now, time for discover and enjoy these features, try them, taste them, control if they are good or not for your activity and improve your experience in the social media.

If you manage a brand, then you have to test if using this new features your ROI will increase.

For those Klout fans, it’s quite easy to see if people with tons of followers are just spammers or really interesting people for following.

A big salute from León, Europe, and enjoy this challenge between Social networks.