Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

Google Panda, Google Penguin. What’s the difference? The first one I have appreciated is the weight of Google +1. Some of the post I’ve written are highly positioned that another ones just because these ones have more +1 clicks.

Is this a Google tactic for promoting its Google+ social network? My answer is yes, and in this sense, I guess they will continue doing the same policy and even more.


Link building with Penguin

I has been said that Penguin will penalise your web pages when you will promote one anchor text and will forget to add things like «see more here». That could be wrong, that could be right.

The truth is that SEO efforts must concentrate in your main keywords and, it could sound like a joke to believe that someone with a high Page Rank is going to link you because of your content.


Anchor texts in SEO

How many of your links «appeared» because of art of magic? How many of your links have been worked by you, asked for them, gained making comments or as invited blogger?

«Natural» link building doesn’t exist, and high ranked companies in Google would have a lot of difficulties for explaining their white hat link building system, but it doesn’t matters for Google.


Solutions for Link Building

Google will continue basing its strategy in links: quality and quantity. If you try to develop a strategy based in content, simply you’re dead at the bottom of Google.

I’ve postioned a web page in the #1 Ranking in Google for a keyword without the keyword in title, without the keyword in description, without the keyword in content, with the keyword just once in h2, and with ALL the links with the same anchor text.

Ah!, It was not 1 keyword, there were 4 #1 and 1#2 for the same website.

Was it just casual? Maybe, or maybe not. I will continue with the same strategy for the next weeks, and will comment how did it go.


Your turn about Link Building

Do you like Google Penguin and develop any strategy for link building? Your comments are very welcome and, if you have some time, I’ll thank you so much if you can +1 this post, it would help us in our SEO strategies and for writting new posts about it :)