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What are new points about SEO keywords needs?

SEO became one of the most powerful tools that a digital marketing consultant has. In a changing digital world, to know, read, and improve SEO techniques let you develop a whole strategy for reaching for your clients the best SERP positions.

The point is: What do they need? Usually we know the answer to this question: what do they want? But the best for the client is, sometimes, what they really need.


New points about SEO keywords needs: Keywords, the big fight

When someone wants to develop a SEO strategy for hi website, normally has in mind a couple of words for positioning. To develope a keyword analysis is mandatory for webs in USA; UK, Spain or Portugal.

Are these words the right ones? The common answer is NO.

Let’s see for examples about this case:

  • Keywords have little volume in search
  • Keywords have no value for the website
  • Keywords have too many competitors with too much strength
  • Keywords are no related to the content


Why do people want «strange» keywords?

Most of times it’s a «honor» question. They are not looking for success in marketing or digital marketing but for an element for telling their friends or clients they’re the best at a concrete area.

New points about SEO keywords needs canbe different from a customer to another. If someone suffers this kind of client, best at all is to know what do they really want. It’s not the same to reach the best SERPs for having a bit ROI that to work for reaching prestigious keywords.

If we are in this case it’s convenient to talk to the client and tell him clearly that objectives are not the same and mabe he will have to choose: ROI or prestige.


Unvalued keywords as New points about SEO keywords needs

There is another typology of client: those ones that want to be at the top and no matters where or what keyword. An example could be digital training or online training.

This fact could even being interesting in a long term, but most of times it will provide no traffic for desired keywords. At this point, it could be interesting to plan this fact as a step to better keywords and a long tail strategy.


What do you think about keywords?

New points about SEO keywords needs is always growing and changing. Is it interesting to talk to the client about keywords or just try to make the best possible SEO for the ones he choose?

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