Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

Why Digital Marketing IS Marketing

One of the first things a student must learn in Marketing is Marketing Mix and its components. Product, price, placement and promotion are the keys to success in this world.

Sometimes, most of digital marketing consultants forget this four fields, this four rules, this four «must» and then, when a social media strategy fails, is when they think about what they had to learn at the university.



Firstable: Are we selling something material, are we selling a service or a we selling a idea? This is one of the main things we have to decide, to know and then will be time for acting.

If we don’t know our product, it would be «a bit» difficult to establish a social media policy, engage with our customers or selling whatever. We have to fix our objective, our product, our idea, our service, our «what we want», but fix it.



In the all day world everything has a price (yes, really). In Internet too. If we don’t determine a price for our product in the net we are losing the time. If we don’t know the price our visitors are able to pay for our products in the net we are losing the time.

If we are losing the time we are not making money, so we are spending the time, not making business. What’s the difference between those people and preteens talking about superheroes? None.



Internet is a channel, that’s right, but this channel has a lot of highways though products are being delivered to our customers’ screens, like giveaways can be spread offline.

If we decide to select railway transport our road one offline, we have to select very carefully if we are going to use Facebook, Twitter, Websites, Miniwebsites or whatever channel for accessing our products to our customers.

To know best and new strategies about SEO and Keywords is always mandatory in Internet Marketing.



Pay per Click in Facebook, SEO, SEM, Banners, email Marketing: Did you chase the right ones? Are you receiving a ROI like you preview?

Promotion in Digital Marketing, Advertising in Internet is one of the facts that a Digital Marketing Consultant has to dominate, and a businessperson would think about to contract a Digital Marketer and outsource this part of Marketing Mix for reaching the high level in profit.

Would you know how to place and promote the bigger gold ring of the world in Internet?



Are you ready for Marketing?

If you doubt about it, then think about your Marketing Plan. Do you have it? Then think about your Digital Online Plan. Do you have it? Then think about the way you are going to develop your ROI. Did you do it?

If so, congratulations, you’re ready for this market. If not, you have a big opportunity. Contact a Digital Marketing company and study carefully all the steps you have to do for take your profit. This is the Digital Era!

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