Social Media problems: There are no images in my Facebook!!!

One of the best things in Internet is when you like a lot a website and wish to share a page with your friends in your social networks.

Like it’s known, the most powerful social media network is Facebook, with more than 845 million users, therefore millions of pages are shared in Facebook in a daily basis.

One of the last features that Facebook added, was the chance that we have not simply to share a link, but a meta outline and a photograph from that web.


Where are my images?

One of my clients call me because when he tried to share one of his posts, suddenly, in his Facebook Wall, there was «a peculiar blue square with something similar to a G».

What was that? Simply it is a Gravatar brand. And what this the Gravatar trademark doing in Facebook? Well, that was I had to find out.


Was it an internal mistake, was it Google or was it Gravatar?

No Gravatar was active for that profile nor Internet site (that was nearly clear because if not, there would be a symbol or a photo and won’t be the gravatar’s logo instead of their one). So it wasn’t gravatar.

What about facebook? Maybe, but facebook simply takes the info from pages, so it wasn’t responsible from taking one or another image.

We were playing with WordPress, and like you probably know, when something isn’t right in WordPress it’s as a result of a plugin in a 99% of the cases.


Who was guilty?

It was time for researching all plugins, till we noticed the correct one, or in this example, the bad one: Share and Follow. It was finally an easy to repair problem.

When it is configured, most of the times it is simply for keywords and social networks, what it’s not configured or changed «Share image» tab.

These are the simple steps you have to follow for solving this problem.


  • Go to your WordPress
  • Open the section «Share & Follow»
  • Open the Tag «Share image»
  • Show «Share Images»

An here, just click «No». Remember to Update settings. That’s all here.


Changes in Facebook

Every new post you want to be shared in Facebook, there will be no problem BUT if you want that Facebook will do this with your all posts, you must add these URLs here:

Once you do it, everything will be Ok.

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