When we develop a Digital Web Marketing technique into our Digital Marketing Plan, we want to know who are the people we wish to do actions in our web site.

The explanation is very simple: if we do a web for gardeners we might have to be visited by users who love gardening, not by people who are not interested in this segment. We are going to discuss briefly the ways which Top9Rated have used and applied to achieved such an outstanding success in their digital marketing campaign as an example.


Our Digital Marketing Objetive: Profits


Targeting in a Digital Marketing Plan

Once we have planified our designated world of the Net Cake, then we have got to design an internet site brooding about the profiles that our costumers have. We need to control our past visits and analyse them through Google Analytics or similar software.

The explanation is that we have to give them what they are looking for, like marketing bullets, from our agency.

Choosing 3 different profiles is interesting: we are covering the most interesting characters and offering users selected info that they might like to find in our internet site and that’s fine for our Digital Marketing Plan.


Three personas for success in Web Marketing

The major characters that a strategic policy must develop are done for humanistic, competitive and systematic costumers. Everyone is a targeted objective and everyone has its own profile.

This is specifically noteworthy when we are designing a designing a landing page.

That is because we will need, at least, 3 different ones; one for each profile we had chasen.


Diseño Web or Web Design?

So, we will need particular call to action buttons too (that is, actions we’d like our targeted people develop in our website), we will need special words, we will need special images and we will need special messages.

It’s not the same a visitor from León that a visitor from Salzburg, starting by the website language. If some is looking for «Diseño web León», they want such an special landing place that is someone is looking for «Web Design Leon«.

Language must be different, and even the design and call to action placement must answer their queries.


What’s your objective?

With all of these features, we’ll get customised visitors that we will be able to simply convert into clients. This is the easiest way we will be able to get more chances to satisfy them, but we have to know what’s the main and secondary objectives we have in mind.

You must understand Ranking factors and Ranking changes for knowing what and how to do for reaching online marketing goals.


Satisfaction is the key

And remember: a satisfied visitor implies more chances for getting our objectives, more probabilities for closing a deal or even more probabilities for getting subscribers for our newsletter.

What’s that? Simply money in our pockets and profits in our business.