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Google Penguin Chaos

Last weeks I’ve being testing new strategies for developing chances to win in the game versus Google Penguin. It’s known that the new changes in the algorithm are provoking an authentic chaos in the net, and hundred of thousands of webs and business are being ruined by the new ideas from the giant of search engines all around the world.

In this sense, one of my websites: https://www.safaripark.es, developed in WordPress, was penalized by Google. Firstable, they send me a letter like that:

Dear Site Owner or Webmaster of https://www.safaripark.es/,

We’ve detected that some of your site’s pages may be using techniques that are outside Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.


Here is the image from the message they reported me (click for enlarge):

Like you can see, no words about what’s your problem, how can you solve it or what do you have to do with it. Now, time for searching.


Was it a Black Hat SEO question?

Reading the tools for websmasters that Google give us, you can read everything but nothing else about you need. So, it was time to go for guru’s websites and seeing what happened. It was said that google penalised overSEO, but this was not my case because that web had not SEO, it was simply a web for spending the time talking about animals, safaris and wild life.

Could it be because if had a lot of ads? No, there were even less than the ones that Google let.

Could it be tons of links from comments? No, it wasn’t because there were no comments.

Now, time for research in the deeps of the website.


Safari Park is a website about animals and wild life, with no SEO developed penalised by Google.


Using again Google Tools for Webmasters

When testing the links I had, it was, in fact, everything alright BUT I noticed one of my friends made a link for my site.Was just a link from a blogroll the responsible?

Could it be true that Google sent me to the Sandbox because one of my friends put A SINGLE LINK IN A BLOGROLL in WordPress?

Well, I didn’t touch anything in the web, just talked to my friend and asked him that please removed the link he likely put from his site to my web, and I wrote again to Google for a new review.


Google answered.. yes, it was

At the end of the month I received a new message from Google telling everything was OK and I was told that now I was doing everything OK.

Previously, the web spam team had taken manual action on your site because we believed that it violated our Quality Guidelines. After reviewing your reconsideration request, we have revoked this manual action.


This is the whole message:



So, you know. I have a friend, he puts ONE LINK IN A BLOGROLL pointing to my site, and it’s considered Black Hat by Google. Google kill in its Search Engines my whole website for a month and I had to call my friend and ask for him to put down the link if I want to be indexed by Google.

He put the link in his Blogroll and Google, just by one domain that had a new link thought it was «Black SEO». Incredible but true. AH! Now, I got not inbound links, I have to wait for them… again.



My opinion

Safari Park was just an entertainment for me. I enjoy doing that website and I guess it’s nice, with info and photos, something out of Digital marketing world. I was surprised because I’m a SEO, and it’s not good for our spirit that Google send us to the sandbox.

It’s always a routine for us, because we, like SEOs, develop websites for testing, changing and doing everything for seeing if that’s good or not good for positioning in SERPS. But Google crossed the red line. hundred of thousands are suffering this policy, being absolutely not guilty. There are families that live from the resources that Internet bring and, like in this case, if one link in one blogroll put you out of the market for a whole month, you’ll have no incomes for feed your family.

Yes, I thought also about it. What about if I talk to my friend for a link to my competence? Maybe it should point… to https://google.es. Other websites from our clients like https://www.zapatosvas.com were not affected.

It’s not a number or pages or Pagerank question, but another factors can affect your site and even great ones with keywords like Lotería de navidad or Viajar a Brasil (you can see their website here https://www.viajesunibras.com) were quite good after that.

Also, we are just now working on keywords like dymatize mega gainer for nutrition shops.


Your turn about Google Penguin last updates

What do you think about these new techniques from Google. Do yo suffered them? Your comments are very welcome and, of course, thank you if you share this post, especially this one.

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