Google Penguin and SEO

This month I was working hard in new tools, pages or even websites for developing strategies in SEO.

Google started a new era where you were not only responsible of your website, but also by the ones that link to you.

Obviously, I can’t agree with this attitude. First because it could be a boomerang used by your competitors, and second because in the international law, you’re responsible of your acts, not the ones that develops people that you even don’t know.


Dangers with Penguin

Like I told you in the previous post, I had a site banned just because a friend of mine linked one of my websites related to safaris in Africa.

When I talked to my friend, our common sensation was that he had a nuclear weapon in his SEO arsenal. What would happen if my friend uses his website for linking his or my competence? In a simple rule we can guess they would be banned, and my friend, like in my case, won’t be harmed at all.

Is this a good strategy for Google? I think it isn’t. Yes, there a re a lot of people /webmasters / SEOs that don’t apply for their rules, but it’s also true that if someone buys a link is because there are persons that sell links.

Why Google punishes innocent people and don’t attac Black Hat websites?


How to avoid this crazy wave

It would be very simple for Google. If they detect there are “unnatural” links, just with give no weight to those links nor PR the matter would be cleared. None will buy links without juice, links without PR, links without value.

How can they do this? Well, they got Pagerank, what about PR 11 for these websites? What about anything that all surfers can easily identify like a not quite good idea to invest there for buying links?

Yes, it’s not good for sellers, but it’s good for innocent people that was and is harmed by Google everyday since Penguin appeared.

Finally, like always, it’s time for reflecting and present solutions. Is the solution not to ask for links or link your friends? Maybe, and this is not good for Google, Internet or us. Now we’re developing a solution for Zapatos Vas at that is being OK.


Your time about Penguin effect

What do you think about Penguin effect? Your comments, shares, and of course, +1s are very, very appreciated.
Thank you :)