Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

Advertising in the net is, today, one of the more profitable investments for promoting a business.

Like we have seen, journals, TV, Radio and traditional media are falling down because they don’t provide a reasonable ROI, but Internet does.

In this sense, it’s quite interesting to observe the data about advertising investment and what are the best media for doing it.


Digital Media: Does it grow up in Advertising?

Here there are the numbers in the last year:



– Cellular Advertising:+10,8%

– Internet:+9,2%

– Search engines and Links: +9,4%

– Graphic Images and Video:+9,0%

Online Marketing: Return on Investment (ROI)

The reason for these figures is clear: investment in advertising is an investment, not an expense. Money is expected to return it in the form of profits, and businesses use advertising in the net for having a greater return on investment (ROI).

With these numbers, we can see where companies are looking to invest in advertising and where do they think that benefit are and will be: toward digital media.

Systems such as SEO, Pay per Click, Web management or the management of social networks and mobile web are today, the most effective system for guaranteeing a valuable return on investment.


Digital Marketing: Why is it growing?

Digital Marketing can quantify and measure everything about advertising times and process: how much does it cost a campaign, how many people come into the website, how of them are interested in the product we sell and how many of the them finish they buy process.

This system is simple impossible to develop in any other medium. We know that 24 of the 25 major newspapers all around the world have fallen dramatically in advertising spending, so television does and radio is not a exception. Because we do not know if it is profitable or not, there is no possibility to measure them.


Advertising about Web mobiles, by Aigen Digital Marketing


Evaluaton and control: the keys for adverting

In digital marketing, advertising on the Internet, mobile or social networks is measured and evaluated each client individually, sectorizes the territory of the campaign, sex, age and the profiles of those who are going to report on their products or services. That is your success.

Yes, we are in the middle of a crisis, by the way, this is the best time for testing and using these facts.


Your turn about Advertising in the net

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