Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

Digital Marketing and Klout. An important choose for many people interested in having good scores in Influence and show them to everyone.

All of us know that Klout is in the middle of the polemic. There have been ink rivers because of that, people desconnecting, talking about intimity and worried mothers about their children’s privacity. A new solutions is needed, and Klout chaged some things.

Problems with Klout

Its new algorythm looks like a Russian mountain where some days you’re at the top and next day at the bottom. In this week, Klout recognised that they were not taking in count social media networks… like Facebook!

So, that’s the reason because of most of us have seen how our Kloutscores went up.

Klout in a Digital Marketing Strategy

We, like Digital Marketing Consultants, need to test everything, to control everything and of courso, to measure everything. And Klout promised us that they could measure influence in the net. Wow! One item less for troubles.

But Klout doesn’t convince everyone. Their algorithm is a kind of monster, like Frankenstein, sometimes loved, sometimes hated. What can we do?

A Social Media alternative to Klout

Here people can measure its own influence and make it public. It’s name: Flout, an authentic revolution in influence scores and new tool for Digital Marketing.

There is no problem about your marks and digital marketing efforts or SEO for Google are not important at all, a big difference between Klout and Flout.

Are you a SEO professional? You can find it interesting. I let you here its linke, and Good Luck!