University and Marketing


Marketing skills: Are you living in these days?markee in Spain are around 50%, terrible data. What’s the reason? Well, I won’t talk about it here, but about how to contribute to this mark.

Is it really possible to increase unemployement from universities? My answer is really clear: yes, it is. It’s possible and it’s not quite complicated as people could imagine.


How to condemn 150 students to unemployment with 10 simple facts

The best way to sink education levels is to teach outdated materials with no application possibilities in the real world, and please, forget WebMarketing or similars. That would be a fantastic start point.

I propose you 10 simple ways for identifying when a teacher wants to condemn you to be an unemployed person.

1.- Data about media given to you will be from 1995 (17 years old, just a few years and data would be as older as the students are!!!).

2.- Data about TV shares will be a bit newer… from 1996 (Just 6 channels in Spain, now hundreds available).

3.- It would be suggested to advertise in public national channels of Spain (actually they have no advertises right now -advertising free system-, so that’s impossible).

4.- The example of advertising in Internet could be to put a banner in… Altavista, yes!!! Do you remember Altavista? ;)

5.- There will be no lines in recommended texts about Social Media -no Facebook, no Twitter, no Youtube…- What are those kind of things?

6.- Sentences are quite important: Maybe of this kind: “Spanish Cinema is living its best time” and will recommend advertising in Cinemas; no words about Internet.

7.- Mobile advertising, mobile communication or mobile promotion? No!!! The most “interesting” will be cold calling.

8.- In the final exam it would be great to make more than 20 questions (with simple answers, for correcting them faster). Don’t make questions about Internet, Digital or Mobile Communication, Advertising or Promotion. It would be better to answer things about “iconic codified messages and content transmitted by objects in a concrete situation”. As we all know, it is absolutely unuseful and make students to lose a lot of time.

9.- No words for students about Pay per Click or SEO in Google, Facebook or net advertising. It’s more than 25% of advertising budget in UK and 2 digits one in USA or Spain, so… Ignore it!!!

10.- Communication and promotion through the net won’t be taught. Students must think that websites, Skype, email, social networks or iTunes are not used for promotion.


Where do we go in communication?

Now, you can feel why digital SearchMG marketing benefits could be not widely used by our companies or young unemployment raises 50%.

Are we ready for new technologies, for new digital marketing tools and plans and for quality levels for the universities?. If digital marketing is not a matter for students, new graduates are not going to be able to compete. Bologna plan arrived and open markets in Europe too. Let’s see it.