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This blog, this site, has as one of its mottos «Digital Marketing from a European point of view«. And from a European point of view, some of the simple data we are using daily, comes from USA. Are those numbers helpful in Europe? We’re going to write about that.

One of the most important areas where New Technologies and Social Media have influenced people’s live is work. All of us have watched «Social media Revolution Video» and we know that more than 95% of headhunters looked at candidates’ profiles, and LinkedIn was the preferred one with a statistics of 80%. Well, that could be true, but we have to know that these numbers are for USA and here, in Europe, it could be different.

So, we can compare between how LinkedIn ranks in USA and its numbers in Europe.


LinkedIn in Alexa


Maybe the most popular traffic ranking website is Alexa. We’re going to check our countries there. Now, we have to define our research; Europe. So we’re going to check European Union+EFTA. Now that we have focused our research, let’s talk about numbers.

Linkedin ranks #11 in Alexa for USA, being defined as: «A networking tool to find connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners. Allows registered users to maintain a list of contact details of people they know and trust in business.«


LinkedIn in Europe


These are the data for Europe. We have to clarify one point: In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Xing, «A social software platform providing a small-world network for professionals» ranks #15, #22 and #37 there.


Country Linkedin
Ireland 7
Netherlands 8
Malta 9
Belgium 11
Denmark 11
Luxembourg 11
Spain 13
United Kingdom 13
Italy 14
Portugal 14
France 18
Switzerland 18
Norway 20
Finland 21
Sweden 21
Romania 21
Cyprus 25
Iceland 26
Bulgaria 27
Estonia 34
Greece 35
Austria 36
Lithuania 39
Slovenia 41
Czech Republic 43
Latvia 43
Germany 46
Hungary No
Poland No
Slovakia No


So, if you’re European or you’re going to make business in Europe, don’t forget this post. Social Media data are here… and European countries can be different than the USA. Don’t forget Xing -that’s my web for Abel Pardo– in Germany.