Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click are two of the main techniques for reaching visitors in Digital Marketing. Both must be a part of our Digital Marketing Plan and both can have a very good ally: Market Research.

When we develop a Digital Marketing plan, we would like to know who are the people we wish to do actions in our website.

The reason is very simple: if we develop a web about Football we’d need to be visited by people that love this sport, not by people that are not particularly interested on it.

To choose the right URL is also necessary, like this one from Istobal for automatic car wash:


It would be better if it was /automatic-car-wash, but something like that with title, h1 and a optimized content can improve results.


Our target in Marketing

Once we have planned our next steps, then we have got to design an internet site thinking about the profiles that our visitors have -personas-.

We have to control our past visits and analyse them with Google Analysis or similar programs.

We must give them what they are looking for. Selecting 3 different profiles is reasonably. We are covering the most interesting characters and offering users selected info that they would like to find in our site.


Three characters for success

The main characters that a strategy must develop are done for humanistic, competitive and methodical people; everybody is a targeted segment and everybody has its own profile for SEO and PPC.

All these personas should be integrated into our web marketing strategy for SEO, PPC and the Online Marketing Plan. For SEO and PPC visitors we need to design everything dedicated to everyone of the personas, and would be a big mistake to create just a landing page for SEO or just a landing page for PPC.


Targeting with objectives

With all of these features, we’ll get customized visitors that we are able to easily convert into clients. That is the easiest way we’ll get more chances to satisfy them, and in Marketing, satisfaction, like in life, is the gold point.

Remember: a satisfied visitor brings more possibilities for getting our objectives, more possibilities for closing a deal or even more chances for getting customers for our newsletter.


Your turn

Do you consider developing your own Digital Marketing Plan or prefer to work without any plan?

Thank you for your comments and thank you so much for spreading the love through the social media.